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In-Room Catering

In-Room Catering

A number of higher-end hotels offer in-room catering in which the guest can order breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks through their hotel room phone. In-Room Catering programs are also popular in resorts, cruiselines and rehab centers. The Hotel Retail Group will be creating and launching its own website dedicated to the subject, www.InRoomCatering.com soon.
* Subjects on the website will include outside sources who deliver meals to the rooms (pizza for example) as well as companies such as Grub Hub who have created in-room catering programs.

A Dinner and a Movie

From a Recent Study: At home, at work, and even on the go, business travelers are spoiled with a myriad of multimedia and entertainment options. These days travelers are making it known they expect a high level of entertainment choices in their hotel rooms. In-room entertainment is one of the fastest growing revenue generating opportunities in hospitality. Guests are showing a greater willingness to pay for movies, video-on-demand, in-room games, and high-speed Internet access. Traditionally, hoteliers have provided little to no entertainment in the guest room aside from conventional cable television. Now, the entertainment medium offers technologies like flat-panel monitors that support high-definition broadcasts and video-on-demand equipment. This new generation of technology allows the guest to watch what they want, when they want it. With the Dinner Option we are partnering with a key player in the in-room entertainment business to put together A Dinner and a Movie.