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Incubation Subjects Sales Teams and Media

The Lemonaders Team has a full roster of partnering assets that all circle around the subjects of conceiving, creating and launching food, beverage, snack and consumer product brands.

Ordering Websites and Platforms:  Our extended resources include a series of ordering platforms being expanded that will offer direct-to-buyer programs (with ordering and product details).  Examples of these sites include www.GrabandGo.orgwww.UniversityCafeterias.com and www.CoffeeHouses.biz.

State Department of Agriculture Programs:  We created State Proud (www.StateProud.com) to be a partnering resource for state programs promoting manufacturing and growing with their state.

Partnering Mentoring Groups:  We have done a number of projects with well-known mentoring groups (government, non-profit and private enterprise) including SBDC offices and Score.org locations.  These and other groups are ideal for start-ups for a number of reasons.

Sales Pioneer Teams:  We have our own sales teams that help client brands get traction into customers and be better prepared in recruiting sales brokers.  These teams also help become a sales management structure for a client helping recruit and manage sales brokers.  We also have links to a number of broker networks as well. Examples of these include our vending/micro market teams (Advendtures.com) and our convenience store team (C-Stores.net).

Patents, Inventions and Trademarks:  The family’s Vorelco (www.Vorelco.com) has been helping inventors and clients of all sizes with subjects such as prototyping, patent research and filings and trademark filings for over 30-years.

Trade Associations:  The team is involved with a number of food and beverage trade groups and their trade shows.  These include NAMA (vending), NGA (grocery), Expo West/East (Natural), Fancy Food Show (Specialty), NACS (for convenience) and may others.

Contract Manufacturing:  We created www.Co-Packing.net to be a key resource for clients looking for help in sourcing co-packers nationwide.  Our partnering group helps in the search process and management of the co-packer relationship for clients.

Food Exports:  We created www.FoodExports.org to be resource for the client’s need to understand the process for food exports.  The details include the programs and benefits from the key government partnering resources of SUSTAWUSATAFood Export Association of the Midwest USA (Food Export-Midwest) and Food Export USA-Northeast.

Commercial Kitchens Association:  We are co-founders of the new Commercial Kitchens Association in which our client brands (and anyone else) have access to key resources on how a commercial kitchen maybe of benefit to them and how to find them in their areas.  The association model will also have programs for kitchens themselves for better buying power and other benefits.  Another feature is our incubation programs that are available for the clients of commercial kitchens nationwide.  www.CommercialKitchens.org

Expo Affiliates (www.ExpoAffiliates.com):  We created ExpoAffiliates.com to be an educational resource for clients understanding what trade associations exist, which ones are ideal to join for their needs and which trade events they should explore exhibiting at.  Related subjects such as distributor and retail trade events, State Department of Agriculture events, buying groups and group purchasing organizations are discussed as well.

  • Trade Associations: The team is involved with a number of food and beverage trade groups and their trade shows. These include NAMA (vending), NGA (grocery), Expo West/East (Natural), Fancy Food Show (Specialty), NACS (for convenience) and may others.

Media:  For over 30-years our group has been involved with the showcasing of start-ups in consumer products (food and beverage,  sporting goods products, products for the home and more) with it’s own and partnering TV shows such as Planet X, The Daily Buzz, Entrepreneur Magazine, Trilogy, Chef Match). The team’s new Retailing TV (www.RetailingTV.com) is available to help clients with their needs for video work for YouTube, advertising campaigns, OTT and web based marketing efforts.