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Durban Family History

1920's to 1960's: Supermarkets

Durban Family Meat-Market Ohio

The Durban Family has been in the Meat and Grocery Business for a century (since the early 1920’s). Our efforts in the business have included Supermarkets, Butcher Shops, Distribution, Consumer Product Manufacturing and CPG Advisory. Our origins come from being German Immigrants coming into America in the early 1910’s with a home-base in Akron, Ohio.

Durban Food Market

The Family Created a Small Chain of Meat Markets in Ohio and Pennsylvania (Eventually Opening Up Stores in California) Peter Durban started a small meat and grocery chain (1920’s to 1940’s) called Durban Meats in the Akron, OH area. As a member of the Volunteer Food Stores Coop, Durban Foods grew to a-number of locations in Canton, OH, Youngstown, OH, Newcastle, PA and other parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.  Peter Durban sold the business in the late 1940’s to move his family to Southern California to re-start the business there as Durban Meats. Peter’s sons and daughters (with the in-laws) continued in the food and meat businesses in different variations.

Five and Dime Distribution:  Our family business evolved into becoming a regional distributor to five and dime stores (North-East, Ohio Valley) having had distribution relationships with growing chains at the time including McCrory’s, HL Green, WT Grant and many others. www.McCroryStores.com

Durban Meats Southern California:  The family sold their stores in the Ohio Valley and decided to relocate to Southern California opening-up new Durban Meats stores.  With a-number of locations in the Los Angeles area, we had stores serving the local public up to the mid-sixties.

1960's to 1990's: Meat Distribution

The family had created its own butcher shops and a Meat distribution business that was eventually bought out by Sysco.  Our Uncle’s Monte Durban and Tom Eritano and Cousins David, Tommy and Russell Eritano were heavily involved in the meat business over two generations. Tom had a meat business career including working with Zacky Farms (in the Fresno area) ending up opening his own butcher shop. His sons David and Tommy carried on with the family business with a series of butcher shop and meat distribution businesses (including trucking). One of their distribution businesses was successfully sold to Sysco Foods (included meat distribution to area food service customers including the California Prison System).

1960's to 1990's - Certified Grocers

Our father and uncle became vice-presidents (distribution and purchasing) with Certified Grocers (now Unified Grocers – UNFI). Both John and Bill Durban enjoy 40-years each with Certified Grocers with a-number of roles including being in charge of the ordering and purchasing departments. They both saw the extensive growth of Certified Grocers (the number one wholesaler and coop in the world at that time) over the years.

Certified Grocers in Hawaii

Our family was involved as suppliers to Hawaiian Based Retailers since the 1960’s starting with being involved with the Kress and Woolworth stores and evolving to becoming Vice Presidents with Certified Grocers (supplied everyone from Foodland to Times Supermarkets as well most other Hawaiian based supermarket chains).  Certified Grocers is now UNFI.

Since then, we have had our own brands as well as brands we are involved with having extensive distribution in Hawaiian Stores since the 1980’s.

1990's to Today

The Durban Family Carries With involvement in Consumer Products and Retail Formats
We have carried on in the consumer products business starting with careers with Nestle, Coca Cola, Pepsi and evolving into creating our own brands, becoming co-founders of others (ex Nature’s Bakery) and advising 200’s of start-up, emerging and established brands in North America from our locations in Hawaii, Southern California, Nevada, Texas and North Carolina.

Since then, we have had our own brands as well as brands we are involved with having extensive distribution in Hawaiian Stores since the 1980’s.

From Hawaii to the Mainland - From the Mainland to Hawaii

Hawaiian Region (The Co-Packing Network) is a consumer product incubation and acceleration program that helps brand groups with their expansion needs.  We help Hawaiian Brands get into the Mainland for business as well, bring Mainland Brands come into Hawaii. 
* We have our own locations in Honolulu, HI; Hilo, HI; Las Vegas, NV and Palm Springs, CA

Summary:  The founders have been involved with the Hawaiian Islands (relating to consumer products) since the 1950’s.  More recently they are involved with programming relating to Hawaii in a-number of ways (from the home-bases in Honolulu and Hilo).
www.HawaiianRegion.com / www.MahaloMade.com